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They come in lots of different patterns and styles. There is normal stamps, floppy stamps, seamless mats, touch up mats and even impression rollers. They come in many different patterns including ashler slate, random stone, running brick and many others. The normal stamp can be anywhere from 1 foot to 5 feet and is usually thick enough that it is quite hard to bend.

A floppy stamp is a bit thinner and made of a more flexible material but has the same imprint. It is used for tough to reach areas such as up against a wall. A seamless stamp or mat can be pressed into the surface with no real pattern it just leaves a design with no ending.


A concrete texture mat is usually just the design of the stamp (without the grout lines) so you can touch up any imperfects that you may have.


Roller stamps are seamless patterned mats , that when rolled across freshly layed slab (with a powdered or liquid release on it) will leave a seamless impression.


Ashler Slate


ashler slate concrete stamp


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European Fan


european fan stamp


European Fan Prices

Random Stone


random stone stamp


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herringbone stamps


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Cobble Stone


cobble stone stamp


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From neighborhood children to Hollywood celebrities, stamping hands and signing names in wet cement has been a long-standing tradition. However, the practice of creating memorable images in building materials isn’t limited to cement, creating concrete stamps is another wonderful way to add intricate details to this common building material.


Concrete stamps can be used to create sidewalks, driveways, flooring, patios, and pool decks that resemble bricks, stone, slate, gravel, even cobblestone. The effect is amazing and many people will never believe that your structure is composed of concrete. Since it is becoming such a popular home decorating choice, many people are using concrete stamps for the interiors of their homes as well. People are using concrete stamps to create elaborate patterns for their fireplaces, indoor flooring, countertops, indoor bar tops, to enhance vanities and to add design and interest to walls. Once you discover the range of looks and textures available with concrete stamping, you'll find that you can easily enhance your home’s décor with this trend.


One of the best advantages of using concrete stamps is that the finished result is much more cost effective than using the materials that the concrete resembles. Because of the incredible savings and wonderful finished look, using concrete stamps is quickly becoming one of the most popular home decorating finishes as it provides an elaborately decorative finish at a faction of the cost. Using concrete stamps is less expensive then choices such as brick laying, stone, or paving due to the fact that the contractor simply needs to lay the concrete foundation then apply the decorative finishing techniques. This is unlike tiles, bricks, or stones that must be individually laid. Another advantage is that those who are on a limited budget can add design and detail to a small portion of their concrete and achieve a unique look that will add value to their property.


Using concrete stamps is a versatile way to create the finished look that you desire. There are a number of concrete stamps available on the market, but it is also easy and simple to create your own stamps as well. When concrete stamps are combined with various coloring techniques the result is marvelous. You can use anything that has a distinctive print on it as your stamp. Using acid stains and dyes in accordance with your stamps enables you to create textures that literally have the color built in. Acid stains work by creating a chemical process that produces color. When you combine this method with your stamp, you can create a print that looks like brick, marble, granite, and more. You can choose to use your pattern for intricate artistic designs and use just one or two colors, or you can create a heavily detailed pattern with your color choices that transforms a concrete driveway into a cobblestone or brick paved surface.


Another primary advantage of using concrete stamps is that you can create decorative walkways, patios, driveways, sidewalks and more that will withstand all types of climates. Due to the fact that you are working with concrete, when your project is properly cured and sealed, you can rest assured that it will last for many years to come.



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